Lagyu Seng Awng & Hpau Yu Pan Seng Aung

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Spacial Thanks : Lagyu Seng Awng & Hpau Yu Pan Seng Aung


Address: 228/152 Soi Ruammitpattana, Tha Raeng, Bang Khen, Bangkok 10220
Tel: +66 95-461-6789 (Nan), +66 95-614-4556 (Tom)
Line ID: @alovestudio (There is a symbol @ in the front adlovestudio)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adlovestudio
Email: adlovestudio@gmail.com

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Pre wedding Inle Myanmar Yu Wadi Thinn & Kyaw Gyi

2 years ago, i met customer who are from Myanmar (Andy, Stella). in that time, we went to Angkor Wat together for prewedding after that they got our photo and Cinema service for their wedding ceremony and in a few month i flighted to YGN for their Maternity Photos. This year, they had come back to me for their sister prewedding shoot and wedding ceremony. I have warmed every time when i met these family, they are so kind, friendly, take care me every time. thank you so much for your encourage and their kindness. From customer to be friend. thank you Spacial thanks : Yu Wadi Thinn & Kyaw Gyi /Stellabeth Swezin Le & Ye Htet Win

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Prewedding Singapore of Thiri Swe & Aung Kaung Myath

Before i got this trip i was a bit nervous due to the fact that it was a first time for prewedding shoot in Singapore. Anyway,I had tried to survey and get block shot as much as i could. In that time, i found out that everywhere i could get a good shot. even through, a narrow way beside a Water path in city. that s make me fall in love this way. I promise, I will come to this city again. thank you all lovely customer to take care our team all time. thank you for a good relationship. thank you so much for trusting our service. thank you Thiri Swe Aung Kaung Myath.

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Prewedding K.Golf & K.Kaimook

Special thank K.Kaimuk & K.Golf #Fall in love (Pre-wedding location: Bang Phra Reservoir)